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Great #Tech Events In #Seattle

I'm a bit sad that I was unable to cram this year's GeekWire Summit into my overdone calendar. That is in no way meant to devalue the event. Using Franklin-Covey parlance, I couldn't move some Quadrant I items to fit this Quadrant II.

Seattle has a great tech community, and many ways for connection within. The next one that I'm aware of is the September Seattle Tech Meetup on September 17. This is one that I should be able to make.

And then there's the Seattle Interactive Conference. This is a grand one, and one that my current budget just can't absorb. However, I hear great things and would recommend attending based on them.

I'm sure I'm missing good ones. Let me know if you have suggestions that I should add. Heck, maybe I'll start a more definitive list.


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