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#Facebook Business Page Fun - Anybody Else Dealt With This?

I've come up against a unique problem. One of the other admins for a business page I manage is unable to invite her friends to "like" it. When she clicks on "invite friends", her whole list is grayed out. One of the challenges I'm facing with diagnosing the problem is that we're ~30 miles apart, so I'm relying on voice to communicate the visual issues. I've found a few others with this issue, but no conclusive answer.

My basic research shows that the main culprit for these issues is that they've already been invited (like this page mentions).  However, in this instance, there are people who haven't been invited that are appearing grayed out. These appear to be unrelated issues.

A few additional details: 1) my view is fine. I can invite everyone in my network except those who have been invited. In other words, the way it's supposed to look. 2) We have verified that she is logged in as herself, not as the business page.

I'm leaning towards a few possible answers. Perhaps she inadvertently invited everyone at one point. Hard to imagine, but I guess it's possible. Another is that all her friends have a privacy setting enabled that blocks these invites. Again, statistically unlikely, but, hey, I'm grasping here.

Have any of you seen this? What solution did you find?