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Changing the World Through Design

A couple of months back I stumbled upon the Design Matters podcast. I'd utilize my commute to explore new and interesting ideas, and this is one that resonated well. Then my FM transmitter (which was how I played my podcast through the Prius' radio [no aux jack in my Prius...a 2005 <wish I could all-cap 2005 here>...] died. I fell behind while I made my way through the holidays lacking one (I've been told that my propensity to buy stuff I need makes me a hard gift-shopper-for during the holidays. I really do try to be amenable to generosity).

Currently, I've made my way back to November 2013 and have now discovered Dawn Hancock. Her blending of design, sustainability, social entrepreneurship just sings to me. One key thing driven home during my time at Starbucks: the power of these inter-related themes. This is transformative, and a key part of deep innovative thinking.

She was a TEDx Speaker in 2010 (Chicago). Here's the video. Enjoy!