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Superbowl Parades And Other Joys

Shortly after the momentous win of Superbowl 48 by the Seahawks, I heard of the parade to held in their honor. My first thought: "well, that'll be a mad-house; no thanks". Probably helps in understanding my viewpoint that I'm hardly a sports-fan. I enjoy them from an entertainment perspective, but I'm hardly the uber-fan. Add to that, though, that I first heard expectations of 10s of thousands, then over a hundred thousand. Now we're hearing estimates of up-to 500 thousand. Traffic in the City is a mess. And I'm smugly patting myself on the back to be sitting, where it's warm (current temperature in Marysville is 25 degrees) in front of my computer. Seattle is a bit warmer (ha!).

What I love about this digital age: the ability to view such spectacle from anywhere on the globe. I will be streaming the thing while I keep working away (probably on, but we'll see). If you're at the event, enjoy!