Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Writing's Evolution

Noticing my poetry's evolution. Once, my focus was flowing words, rich in descriptors, often verbose. Now, now I so often seek brevity. Driving to strip distraction, superfluous text, longing to grasp the core meaning, what lurks at the deepest recesses. Often I fail, but that hardly dissuades me. Much like Thoreau's failure to attain the rich independence alongside the pond, failure is no shame. To stretch, dream, depart from the norm and traditional, daring something new; the results never match the dream. Its always so much richer.

Grasping hold of dreams, daring to work them real, that's my newest focus. Seek out the new, the never-done daring deeds of the heart. To live fully engulfed within a creative vortex, fearlessly facing the winds, that is what I seek to build now.

My poetry is the focus of another site:


I'll endeavor to post daily. Challenging, pushing myself forward, beyond the limits of fear.

Such is my dream.

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