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Living La Vida Browser

This morning I popped onto my computer to get some work done. After a bit of work (some email, updating social media, zap out a few blog posts) I'm struck the fact that nothing on my computer is open safe Chrome. I also have my task manager open, and a document for my son (for school). My browser has really become the center piece of my computing.

I've noticed this coming for some time. Yet, today, it gives me deeper pause: how will this affect us going forward? One obvious piece: tablets & phones. The more tools available via browsers (at least those optimized for HTML 5), the more effective and powerful these devices become. More and more of my work gets done on my tablet. I expect this will drive us more into the world of such tools as Chromebooks as well. Hard-drive space will become less critical for the average user. I expect the demand for laptops will whither, much like desktops have. Don't get me wrong: there will always be demand for laptops and desktops, but the average home user won't need the power features. Email, documents, Facebook simply don't demand the power of your average laptop.

I know, also, that there are affects coming that I can't predict right now. That's the thing that excites me. Some right, perhaps right this second, is thinking of a new way to do X with this new reality. And it will change the way we live. This might define a key part of "me", this excitement. I see change and feel the possibility. Hence, I gaze towards the future and see possibility, delight, wonder. Happiness, then, consumes me. I wouldn't want it any other way.