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Meditation on Zombies

Well, zombies have pushed themselves solidly into pop culture. Their heyday was really a year or two back, but they're still significant.Why? What is attractive about this mythological archetype?  I wonder about such things.

They have immorality and near invincibility. Zombies are relentless and immune from most injury. In one way, they are perpetual motion machines. They don't need fuel to continue effort. The consuming drive is about converting all, not about gaining energy.

Perhaps we feel something of kinship. The mindless exertion, so akin to much of our lives. Mundane, rote effort with its dehumanizing outcome; we're much like zombies.

Free from thought, they simply react. They are free of pain. Yet, the most powerful element: they've escaped death. In one way, they've conquered our greatest fear.

That, I believe, encompasses their attraction. And why, I expect, they'll be with us for some time to come.