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Photo Streams

Ok, as I’m getting my photography back up, I’m wondering about online photo services. Right now, I have a Flickr stream as well as Picasa. They both offer online editing and such things. All in all I can’t see any difference except for the networks (individuals) connected. My Flickr stream has a few subscribers, only one “link” to my Picasa. Flickr seems to offer more choices regarding formal prints, but I haven’t used that yet. Thus I feel puzzled about which to focus on.

First, I guess, I need to figure out what I need. The main thing I want is to have an easy way to connect. Most of the editing I do is on my machine. However, I have found that it’s nice to be able to edit something that I’ve sent from my phone (they rarely look like the phone screen).

So, a question to you folks. What other services have you tried? Smugmug? What is good? What features have you seen that didn’t seem important at first, but have become indispensable?


I like Picasa. And if you link your page, I'd follow it.Well, I'd follow either... but I can add you as a friend on my Picasa page since I don't have Flickr
jlib said…
I have to say I love Flickr. The most indispensible part is that they save an original of the print you upload which you can always retrieve later. I really use it as a second back-up of my photos. It also has Picnik attached to it for editing which works really well and has a lot of interesting choices. The tags feature is great (if you're diligent). I've ordered prints from Flickr and they are ok. I prefer to save the images I want to a flash drive and take them to Costco. Really good quality and that lovely "lustre" option. I've also ordered from their partner sites, including Moo. Moo makes gorgeous postcards, cards or books from your stuff, but ships from England, if I remember right, so it's kind of costly. I'm working on a Blurb book (also a partner site) which isn't too costly, looks great, and works really well with the photos already on Flickr. The only other services I've tried are Kodak, Shutterfly, and Snapfish. eh. They just didn't offer the features Flickr had at the time I started.
Carl said…
@Aaron: here's my Picasa stream.

At this point, it's what I think to put there. I generally post to Flickr and if I think about it, Picasa (sorry Bill). However, I could be swayed by a solid argument.

Has anyone used Shutterfly? I just stumbled upon it today. Looks interesting. Perhaps I should just use my MobileMe account. Meh, I don't know.