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Thoughts Upon A Grey Morn

My world looks rather autumnal this morn. Cool, an even tone of grey hued clouds blanketing the sky. Soon, I expect, a light mist fills the air.

Strange, I’m sure, but I’m fond of “grey” over “gray”. Perhaps just contrarian; perhaps the remnants of a lingering regional influence. Most likely, I just prefer “e” to “a”. “A” gets so much more air-time. Firstborn of the alphabet, first of the vowels. “A”, the valedictorian, cheerleader, homecoming queen of the letters. Always first, always popular, always adored. What about poor, lonely “e”? Middle child of the vowels, lost in the full-alphabet family. “E”, that quiet, accommodating middle child. A great listener, demanding nothing for itself. The one that cleans up after Thanksgiving dinner, putting all the dishes away, with no one noticing.

Greyness calms the morn. No garish sun demanding action. Grey clouds invite to tea, to leisure. No need to run outside, to seize this last moment of summer. Relax, sit, just be. Read a book, listen to music. Sit next to me, let me listen to you. Perhaps I understand better why I like grey.