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Well, I'm working again

Last week, I started working again after 6 months off. It's been a strange trip, let me tell you. First, starting work after a 6 month break was rather surreal. The first few days were quite exhausting. However, I rebounded quickly. My brain is starting to get back into the swing of organizing teams (the heart of my career to this point).

Now, I'm not back into the full-time, permanent work-force. I'm a contractor/temp, working for a large technology company in the greater Seattle area. Fortunately, I'm coming from Starbucks, so I have experience working for a large, Fortune 200 company. I now how to function in controlled chaos.

Though I've explored a good many career options, directions in which to wander off to, I keep coming back to administrative and office management. Finally, I feel that this really is my calling. I'm good at this, and can jump into pretty much any setting and succeed.

This next stage shall be, well, unique in the course of my career. I have never, in my adult life, not worked for 6 months. This company that I'm now working is famous for a mad, intense work style. The nice thing about contract work is the ability to test drive the culture. If I love the place, I can spend time hard-core networking. If I hate it, I split with no recriminations or hard feelings. That, really, is a blessing.