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Oh, Geeky Thoughts Late At Night

​My love of things geek manifests in strange ways at time. A huge fan of Ghost in the Shell, I wonder about Wi-Fi protocols and data throughput when people "think" at each other.

Or how many servers are on the Death Star? RAID drives? How much email gets sent daily? What kind of data connection is needed for holographic communications? What about the Rebel Alliance's security chief? I'd be wondering, loudly, why you'd throw someone with as much critical detail regarding the Alliance as Leia into operations with a high likelihood of capture and exposure to, um, enhanced techniques. Imagining Rebel IT. I'm picturing Hoth. When we see Vader enter the base, all the equipment looks rather operational. I would've, at least run some kind of worm that destroys everything. I'd rather pull the hard drives, at bring them with us on the evacuation craft. Or manually destroy them.

So, that's how my brain night, when I'm weary.