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Better Writing

One of my goals: become a better writer. Of course, that really doesn't mean that much all by itself. So, another goal: define better.
Some things are easy with that. Focus on solidifying the basics. It's do easy to wrap myself up in getting a post out fast, losing sight of quality. Thus, I'm slowing down, watching more closely for spelling errors, weird grammar, etc. Correcting the bad habits created from blogging.
I'm working on refining my style. Trying to achieve a clarity through brevity. Find what's crisp and clear, ensuring every word earns its keep, so to say.
Another idea: join a writing group. We have many around Edmonds and Lynnwood. Such an easy thing, meet with people. Of course, that means opening myself up, letting others know my dreams, and risking their ridicule. That's the fear, at least.
Silly, I know. But very real, and uncomfortable. So, I know it's what I need to do.