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A Sci-Fi Geek Confession

One key weakness of mine of late has been time. Time for such things as film watching. Though I watched such gems as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, I must admit to a key geek failure. One that might strain my geek-cred to a near breaking level. So, here goes: I hadn't watched the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot until yesterday. Yep; took me 4 years. FOUR! Sigh...I hang my head in geek shame.

That said, I actually like the film. [Spoiler Alert: (Ok, come on, if you haven't seen it by now, you really shouldn't be put off by plot revelations)I know that will annoy some, and delight others. I liked the way the characters were recrafted. The time-continuum disruption theme was pretty cool. I wondered how they would reconcile the story-line when they killed Spock's mother. Clever. I particularly like the edgier, closer to human Spock.

I admit that the lens-flare business was a bit distracting at times. However, it's hard to extract Heisenberg from this (I was familiar with this before seeing the film. I'm sure awareness impacted my attention.) Didn't negatively impact the film for me, just provided a bit of distraction.

What really caught me, though, was the Leonard Nimoy role. I didn't know. DIDN'T KNOW!!!! Nope, no idea he was in the film. Yes, that would've made me see it sooner. And I'm sure I just missed some obvious marketing message somewhere. But I'm quite disconnected from the mainstream media stream at this point.

I shan't wait so long to watch "Into Darkness".