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The Difference Between Organized and Micromanaging Life

I work hard to make sure all my tasks have been captured, either in my calendar or my to-do list. Everything. Now,  I've had several folks give me a hard time about that, basically accusing me of a lack of creativity, or paranoia. They seem to view this as a sign of being rigid, inflexible and unable to adjust. All those give me a good chuckle. No, the reason I capture everything that needs to get done (in an electronic tool...this is important): it makes me agile. I KNOW everything that needs to be done, thus, it's easy to re-prioritize and address whatever comes up, whether another opportunity, or the need to respond some crisis or another.

It's my way of both honoring my commitments and yet maintaining an ability to respond. Nothing craps on a sense of accomplishment like missing a key deadline in the midst of "responding".

Having my life solidly organized, and in an easy to access tool helps me to live in the moment. I'm not trying to retain all those tasks, their deadlines and who I'm doing them for. And that's freeing. Amen!