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Webrings and the History of the Web

My random web thought of the day: remembering the webring. For it's time, a very powerful tool for finding related content. I spent many an hour perusing sites under a variety of topics: fantasy literature, science, science fiction, politics....the possibilities were extensive. Seems they still exist, but connecting to them a lot less critical. Seems few people drift through webrings now. Rather, they move through Google search results. I wonder, though, if webrings provide any SEO benefit? That would be my expectation, at least.

So, the point? Tastes change, behaviors follow, culture modulates and we both find ourselves reacting, as well as leading.


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Memories of Seattle: A Haiku

So many years here
Dramatic changes flowed past
Much lost with the gains

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Sign Board

Updated 12/16/14: The original site this was hosted on has gone the way of the dodo. I like this, so here found this and got the image back online.  

Here is the farm this references.

Learn About An Indian-American Couple Who Adopted White Children

This article, over at Huffington Post, provides a different look at race in America.

We’re Indian-American With Adopted White Children And Here’s What People Ask Us

A lovely, gentle piece exploring a mother's love for her children, both from birth and from adoption. I particularly enjoy the voice she adopted.

Some great lines in there. My favorite: "The hyphen will define us more than the terms themselves...", which tells a big part of the story about race in the United States right now.

I doubt Ms. Iyer thought much about the social experiment she would be opening up. I expect, simply, that she and her husband followed their hearts and opened their homes.

She opened my mind with her writing. I hope the same for you.