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WordPress vs. Blogger, Porting Between Platforms and Other Fun Thoughts

I've been exploring WordPress over the last few months (see my blog I really, really like the platform and have found so many benefits over Blogger. Plus, watching the demise of Google Reader a few months back makes me wonder about the long-term status of this. With Google+ garnering the lion's share of Google attention and public focus, I wonder how long they'll continue to support the platform. Blogger seems like a neglected stepchild.

With all this, I commenced planning out my migration. It's not appearing as clean as I'd hoped, but the research is pretty early on. It seems my URL might be the biggest challenge. Plus, I need to decide if I will just move this to a site hosted by, or pony up for something hosted by BlueHost or GoDaddy (or....).

So, taking a thoughtful and well planned approach on this. It'll be interesting to see where it leads.

Any ideas, hints or tips? Just leave me a comment. I'd be quite happy for advice.