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A Few Of My Favorite Gmail Tricks

One of my morning tasks: sorting email. Yeah, the same as zillions of other earthlings. My team are Gmail users, so here's a quick trick I use to speed up my morning. Plug the following into the search bar: in:inbox has:nouserlabels.

This pulls up everything that's not been labeled yet. I use labels to help prioritize. Plus, one everything is labeled, it's easy to pull up the whole thread and then archive the redundant messages. I prefer getting all the responses together in one email. Trying to minimize data scatter.  Another one I use: in:inbox is:unread. Pulls up all your unread messages. Of secondary value to the first, though.

I check my spam folder >= daily, but I don't scroll down to the spam tag. In the same box, just type "in:spam", and it pops up fast.