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Automating Your Blog? No!

Just got an email that promised to "put your blog on autopilot". Of all the things to automate, pawn off, whatever, with social media, this NOT a solution. EVER! The closest thing I will ever do is suggest a copywriter. However, this is YOUR voice. It's better to spend a few minutes a day on this than rehash commodity content. Oh, and there are SEO considerations as well.

Personally, I've seen blogs that are publishing the same content as others. Occasionally the EXACT same posts. Those sites lose all credibility with me.

One person I know experimented with one of these services. Their blog's rankings grew rapidly, for a brief time. Then, abruptly, their rankings and page views plummeted. I believe Google sees when you're pumping out the same content as "everyone else", and you get banished to SEO hell.

It's better if you can just do this yourself. Blogging shouldn't be that deep or time consuming. Share your expertise, your value add, how you see things. Really, that's it. A copywriter can figure out your voice, your unique take on things, and create relevant and distinctive content. As someone who loves to write, and loves to help people find their place/their audience on the internet, I love to do this for folks. What's most important is putting forth that unique voice. That's what distinguishes you from all the others who do the same sort of thing.