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Departures on Netflix

Years ago, I fell in love with a Canadian TV travel show, Departures. It's one of the shows that made me second guess cord-cutting. Beautiful cinematography and hosts with a very unique viewpoint, I can't recommend Departures enough. A brief summary of the show: hosts Scott Wilson & Justin Lukach along with cinematographer Andre Dupis drop everything and explore the world for a year. That year ends up extending into 3, each with it's own season. Other travel hosts tend to have some kind of agenda, whether finding the best travel deals, exploring a certain element of a culture, or such. The guys really don't. They travel to destinations that intrigue them and, in a rather zen-like manner, allow the location and people they meet to guide them. At least that's how the show comes across. It's really about human connection.

So imagine my joy when, recently, I popped into Netflix and beheld this glorious site:

I'm very, very happy to see this. Go forth and stream this one with my highest recommendations.