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Zero Inbox or Damnation

The mania of my life lately has provided a convenient excuse for putting off zeroing my inbox. After spending a bit of my weekend scrambling because I missed crucial emails, I'm raising it's priority again. "Later's" glorious promise, and inevitable bite.

In Stephen Covey parlance, I've spent too much time in Quadrant 1, urgent/important and Quadrant 3, urgent/unimportant. Neglecting the important/non-urgent work of Quadrant 2 has always provided pain points for me.

KNOWING what's outstanding, what my commitments are: critical knowledge that I musn't allow to slip. And, hence, I"m all back in with my favorite project management tool: IQTell. Additionally, making sure my work, my actions track with my goals, priorities and values is the ultimate in live-giving. Focus, focus, focus!