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Oh, Glorious Technology

I'll write more about this later, but I wanted to share some notes from the past week at KW Family Reunion. First, modern real estate lives on smartphones. It's nearly impossible to imagine doing this work without a smartphone. I'm using my trusty Samsung S5 and LG G tablet. The majority of phones I've seen this week are iPhones. iPads are prevalent for the heavier lifting begging for tablets. I've been surprised, and pleased bug the number of Surface devices (former Microsoftee here). I'm pretty sure that will be my next "laptop".

So many people crowd the relatively few outlets around the Orange county convention center. Finding plug-in spots provided some challenges. I bought an external battery pack/charger. Wise. Charging my phone waking around, never having to find room at one of the charging stations, nor find an outlet somewhere: priceless!

Just a few lessons for you.