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More Tech Thoughts From The Sky

I'm sitting on a plane now returning to Seattle after the better part of a week away. With my trusty tablet, though, I'm pretty fully connected. My laptop is at my feet, sleeping peacefully. My phone is charging. And I'm fully in touch with the world. Well, save for the slow wifi and the fact I lost my stylus. The wifi should be excused as it looks like nearly everyone is online in some way, shape or form.

But we're never satisfied, are we? Always want more, more speed, more power, and that's what drives innovation and competition. The possibility to out innovate the established player drives us further.

Still, I'm struck by what I can do, right now. It didn't seem so long ago that it was novel to just use a laptop in flight, without any connectivity. Really, if we think about it, it's amazing.

Someone will make internet even faster, and other new glorious opportunities will arise. My biggest hope, though, is that we shorten security lines and shorten flight times. Oh, to dream!