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Thoughts from the road

Is been quite some time since I've had a day full of air travel. This was a remarkably easy trip. We actually made it to Orlando about 1/2 hour early. Life in the future is grand. I loved having charges in the seat. Hit the ground with everything charged and ready to go.

Geek moment: I won the bomb material swipe lottery. Watching the samples getting analyzed, seeing the spectrometer on the screen, just made me giddy. Ah, I heart the sciencey goodness.

I love the sensation of takeoff. Rather like a reverse rollercoaster. A young boy in front of me had his arms raised as we ascended. It was perfect. Well, nobody whooped. That would've been perfect.

Now I'm sitting in a hotel room, fighting off sleep for a bit longer. I don't want to adapt to eastern time well. A week from now I'll be back home. I'd rather not be too messed up by that.

And the journey continues...