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I'm not second guessing this evening

Oh, my poor Seahawks! Second guessing that last play; so terribly easy, especially facing bitter disappointment. Yet, I question it's value. I wasn't part of the discussion nor choice. And, most importantly, no amount of hand-wringing or recrimination will undo the final score. 

I admire bold choices in the face of risk. That's a hallmark of greatness. More importantly, I adore the people who are Seattle's Seahawks. Just a few thoughts: Russell Wilson's amazing giving heart, Marshawn Lynch's playful tweaking of the press, Pete Carroll's deep dignity; all of these, and more, give me great pride. They played well, didn't give up, fighting with tenacity to the last second. I also love hearing Mr. Wilson and Mr. Carroll each take responsibility for that last call. And, I'm willing to bet each member of this team would do so as well. For they are a team, through and through. Class and spirit, what's not to love? 

Ultimately, I'm proud of these guys, of their hearts and spirits, and wouldn't trade them for any other team, not even bearing the Lombardi trophy. There's my focus tonight, tomorrow and into next season. And the next.