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More Travels

Tomorrow, dark and early, I head off to Seatac airport for my next journey: off to Orlando and Keller Williams' "Family Reunion".  TLDR, it's a convention for real estate agents part of Keller Williams. However, it's apparently, much more. This company's agent enthusiasm has been amazing, and it will be on bold display. I'm both excited and, well, displeased.

I absolutely hate air-travel anymore. Fortunately for everyone, my motion sickness is nicely managed by Dramamine. The masters of misery, a joint collaboration between the TSA and most major airlines, have crafted excesses of discomfort rarely seen this side of a crimes-against-humanity tribunal. Gloriously, I get to donate about 16 hours of my life over the next week to this exercise in packed unpleasantness.

More powerfully, I loathe time away from my family. My absence distresses my son. Hopefully, the boost in grandparent time will compensate.

Now, after all that, the surprise: I'm excited to go. I've meant to dive deeper into the company, but time has always been at a premium. Now that's the focus of the next few days. Additionally, I'll have the opportunity to dive deep onto the cutting edge: my favorite place to be. Ultimately, I love opportunities to learn. And then there's networking. People from all over the world, of many calibers and skills. Great opportunities to learn and connect.

So, it'll be a week full of learning, and change. Excitement!