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Random Thoughts About The Last Week

I spent most of last week in Orlando taking part in Keller Williams Family Reunion. Around 15k real estate agents from all over the globe deepening our knowledge and celebrating the unique culture that is KW. It's an amazing event.

My focus: developing my internet marketing skills. Tons of new ideas, which I'll flesh out more fully in the coming weeks. Evernote got a lot of use! Digging through all of that will be a continuous review.

Friday, I took what I called a Decompression Day. Focused on organizing my thoughts, mail and desk. And since my son had a half day, I was able to just hang out. I took him and one of his friends to Donut Factory. Lynnwood area friends, this is worth your time. Very tasty with an eclectic blend of flavors. We decided to go again yesterday, too.

Seattle's weather was dramatically different, but that was great for me. I love Florida, and it's glorious weather. Seattle, though, is home. The cool morning mists make me content. Once that sense of home is achieved, one's relationship forever is changed.